Third-party Maintenance

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As any developer knows, maintaining an application requires effort which, in small teams, can become a full-time task. Even though maintanence work is crucial for the sustainability of an application, it is often eclipsed by a business’ need for new features, modules, integrations, etc.

If you find yourself neglecting the health of your application so urgent business needs can be met, then it may be beneficial to leverage 4D’s expertise in application maintenance with your business knowledge to create an application that will satisfy your business’ needs for years to come.

When to engage

This service is intended for applications that are currently in production and being maintained and developed by developers that would prefer to focus on the business deliverables and not worry about the maintenance of the application.

What we deliver

Every project is different, be it the team size, their business’ focus, the development environment, etc. It is for these reasons that every maintanence project is inherently different. The 4D PS teams will determine how to best work with your team to define the specific needs of the project and how to best collaborate in order to alleviate the pressure of maintenance.

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