New in4D v19R8


4D Write Pro.

Draw Attention To Specific Contents In Your Documents With Text Boxes.

4D Write Pro has considerably improved over recent versions. Providing a powerful template-based document generation tool, eliminating the need for manual document creation and minimizing the risk of errors. With 4D Write Pro, you can automatically generate pre-populated documents using contextual information pulled directly from the 4D database, merging it with your templates for a streamlined and efficient document creation process.

Recent updates have introduced notable features such as headers, data sources, and carry-over rows, to name just a few.

And now, 4D Write Pro includes text boxes, allowing you to insert a floating container anywhere in your document, consisting of text, tables, images, formulas, and other elements. Text boxes can significantly enhance your document's visual and functional aspects by providing this extra layer of organization and control.

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Create Stunning UIs With Automatic Row Height.

Take your list boxes to the next level with automatic row height now available for Collections and Entity Selections!

Like the most versatile and customizable form objects, 4D list boxes just got even better with the arrival of automatic row height for list boxes based on collections and entity selections. This powerful feature provides a seamless user experience by automatically adjusting each row's height according to its content, ensuring that all data is displayed clearly and legibly.

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4D View Pro.

Enhance Your Table Styling Effortlessy.

Seamlessly style your tables to blend perfectly with the rest of your document. The new VP Set table theme allows you to apply over 60 predefined table styles with just a few clicks. If none of the predefined styles meet your needs, you can customize your theme and apply it to your table. This feature gives you complete control over the table's appearance, ensuring it looks precisely how you want it to.

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Microsoft 365 Native Email Support.

Automate Your Email Management With Built-in Commands.

As more customers migrate to Microsoft 365 for their email needs, 4D v19 R8 offers a solution to facilitate email management.

The latest automation features allow for easy automation of Microsoft 365 email operations using built-in commands. These operations include copying, moving, replying, and deleting emails, making email management more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

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4D Rest Server.

Safeguard Your Data With 4D Rest Server Security Architecture.

Achieve a balance between safeguarding sensitive data and facilitating quick and effortless access for authorized users by implementing the 4D REST Server security architecture.

This architecture offers a robust and flexible approach to access control, allowing you to define fine-grained permissions for various resources such as datastore, data classes, functions, and more. This means you can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and functionality while maintaining your application's high performance and responsiveness. More about the permissions system.

Note: This new functionality is based on ORDA concepts; if you are interested in ORDA but unsure of where to begin, plenty of resources are available to guide you from beginner to expert level. We've compiled all of these resources into a single post that you can access at your convenience. Read the guide.

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Continuous integration/Continuous deployment.

Customize Your Build Chain With Ease.

Project mode introduced a simplified approach to managing project components. In recent feature releases, we have added several functionalities that give you more control to create a custom build chain that fits your team's workflow and needs.

To further support you in creating your build chain or integrating 4D into a continuous integration tool, we've developed Build4D – available on GitHub. Build4D lets you create a compiled structure and component, with plans to expand its capabilities to manage single-user, client, or server applications in the future.

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