New in4D v19R4


User Interface.

Give your application the full capacity of 4K & 5K screens.

Increase the visual quality of your application with the support of High DPI (High Dots Per Inch) on Windows. High DPI represents the pixel density; the higher the DPI, the higher the density of pixels. And an increase in pixel density results in sharper text, highly detailed photos, and ultimately a more defined user interface for business applications.

High DPI was already supported on macOS.

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4D Write Pro.

Build documents that meet your requirements.

Have you ever been in a situation where you find out that an entire row has moved to a new page, leaving a lot of empty space in your document? This release gives you a way to change this behavior. Say hello to page breaks inside table rows

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4D language.

Reduce your code footprint with statements & operators.

This release has brought many refinements to the 4D language. Use jump statements (return, break, and continue) to make your code much easier to read, short-circuit evaluation (&& and ||) for faster code execution, ternary operators (condition? Value If True: value If False), and compound assignment operators for a shorter and more concise code. 

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4D View Pro.

Take your documents from good to great.

Fine-tune your customers' experience with a set of workbook options. Manage drag and drop, copy/paste, scrollbars, background, and 60+ other options to produce documents that match your specific needs.

Many customizations options are at your disposal, starting with the ribbon. It has been enhanced with a single toolbar mode, allowing you, for instance, to add a button that lets users switch between display modes to better fit mobile devices and smaller screens.
This release also supports Find and Replace, Go To, Format Painter, and more Excel-like features that you will certainly love.

Creating reports or spreadsheets from existing templates speeds up development. Just like end-users use the copy/paste action, as a developer, you can simply "copy" a range of cells from another location or even another area. 

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4D code editor.

Code faster with built-in INTELLIGENCE.

Benefit from comment tags to keep track of issues requiring attention and to mark parts of your code for future optimization, possible changes, and questions to be discussed.

Speed up your development process and quickly jump to different functions of a class, thanks to the list of functions being displayed in the code editor toolbar.

Improve your productivity by quickly uncovering why your code doesn't work with object check syntax. A warning is now displayed if you call a function that does not exist. 

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Go beyond the basics!

Gone are the days of defining business-related formulas in your 4D user interface. In addition to computed attributes, which we introduced earlier to let you separate your business logic from the user interface and improve performance by optimizing the parts separately, you can now use aliases, the complementary continuation of computed attributes.

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4D for Mobile.

Elevate your android & iOS apps with these advances.

The feature set of 4D for iOS and 4D for Android is constantly expanding. Display object fields in your mobile application in human-readable format or in JSON format, and enjoy the revamped "Data" section, improved to give you more information about the data you will package with your mobile application. 

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