Deep Code Analysis

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As an experienced developer, you know that software evolves. To that extent, critical business applications must also evolve in order to ease their maintainability, secure sensitive data from malicious developers, and to ensure their ability to continue to work on the long-term. 4D’s expert team prides themselves being able to review production applications. This review can then be used by development teams to make sure their product will be ready for the future.

When to engage

An audit can be done at any time of an application’s lifecycle. It is recommended to do an audit before maintenance periods. The audit not only highlights issues in the application, but it helps determine their priority.

What we deliver

A comprehensive report created by a 4D Expert. A plan of action is defined with the client to address all major issues present in the application.

Possible topics include:

  •  Database configuration review.
  •  Coding patterns present in the application that cause it to be slow along with recommendations on how to avoid these.
  •  Review of the database structure.
  •  An analysis of any possible memory leaks.
  •  Recommendations on how to update code that uses deprecated functionalities.

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