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4D Write Pro.

Unveiling Cells Merging and the Table Wizard

4D Write Pro keeps getting better, and if you haven't seen the recent updates, you're missing out!

This time, there are two fantastic new features:

1. Cell Merging: You can make your documents more visually appealing by combining cells. Whether you want to highlight important info or create eye-catching layouts, merging cells is a simple way to get the desired results.

2. Table Wizard: A robust solution designed to make life easier and accelerate the creation of 4D Write Pro documents containing tables. By leveraging this wizard, end-users can enjoy various benefits tailored to their specific needs and business requirements.

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4D Language

The Throw Command for Better Error Management

Meet the powerful new throw command — your key to:

Provide users with more precise feedback when issues arise. You can quickly inform users of what exactly is going on when an error occurs. This helps them understand the problem and know what to do next, improving their overall experience.

Additionally, you can implement more effective error logging; by capturing detailed error information at the point of occurrence, you can gather valuable insights for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.

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Visual Studio Code Extension

To further Empower 4D Developers

Unlocking even more possibilities, the Visual Studio Code extension is available for 4D developers. While the familiar in-house code editor streamlines quick development within 4D, many developers embrace the advantages of using the Visual Studio Code editor.

Over 600 developers have installed the VS Code extension since its launch. This extension allows handling 4D code and provides standard functionalities such as syntax highlighting, Go to Definition, Signature Help, code completion, code folding & indentation, syntax checking, and code formatting. Whether you stick with the built-in editor or opt for the extension, we’ve got you covered for a seamless coding experience.

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For Real-Time Web Applications

The last release provided a very powerful feature: a built-in WebSocket server, allowing developers to build real-time web applications that can handle large volumes of data and provide a seamless user experience.

With this feature release, we’re taking it a step further by offering the ability to establish a WebSocket client, connecting you to various WebSocket servers.

This means you can control both ends of the connection, ensuring a dynamic and responsive experience for users.

Say goodbye to delays and hello to instantaneous interactions that elevate the way users engage with your applications.

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